My paintings, drawings, and monoprints derive from the landscape.  Places and experiences take on significant meaning: Vermont’s landscape in all its seasons, the tides on the coast of Maine, or travels to new places with my sister and family.  The artwork is not about specific places, but about significant moments that ignite a feeling of being alive in the space.  The formal structures of nature directly experienced, or recalled, give my work the solid foundation upon which I improvise abstractions.  My personal experiences in nature are realized in the medium of the paint. And, the intensity of emotion is physically put forth through the movement/marks of the paint.

Originally from Texas, I have been on staff at the Vermont Studio Center for the past twenty-two years.  I received an MFA from Louisiana State University, and a BFA from Texas Woman’s University.  I am currently the Community Arts Program Coordinator at VSC.


Studio - December 2016